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As of 2021, Emerge is a brand new school. We’d like to show gratitude to our founding members - that’s you! Want a taste of Emerge? Membership in our Facebook community is absolutely free.

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Content from me.

Lots of talk about mindset, feeling at ease, re-connecting with ourselves, using our sensitivity as our superpower, and more!

  • FAQs

  • Tips and tricks

  • My story

Support from the community.

Connect with women like you in a safe space that you can access any time.

  • Encouragement from fellow members

  • A non-judgemental space for risk-taking and questions

  • A helping hand in your personal development

Room to grow.

Feel free to post what you’re working on (speeches, videos), and we will help you out as best as we can. Please, no advertising. This is not a group for selling your products and services.


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